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Loss Control

Loss Prevention Services
Higher claims has given a higher profile to loss prevention. This has to start at the point of production, through packaging, inland transportation, containerization and stowage and finally to destination, by air and sea transport.

Frequently, in the course of surveying, it becomes clear that damage to cargo could have been prevented or reduced had certain features of packaging and stowage been provided.

This advice is not always possible from the drawing board or the sales office but requires surveyors who are fully acquainted with the hazards experienced in the course of transportation of cargoes of all descriptions. The surveyor's integrity which will ensure that their conclusions are accepted as fair and objective by the parties and, on occasion, by the courts.

Loss prevention measures / recommendations
  • Use of own know-how or specialists
  • Packaging advice
  • Inspection of packing, stowage and unpacking
  • Testing of suitability of means of transport
  • Monitoring of transport operation
  • Expert loss prevention on site by loss adjuster
  • Special shipping instructions
  • Measures taken under high risk conditions
It is worth while to do cargo loss prevention work. We have noticed that about 80 % of cargo claims could have been avoided by taking loss prevention measures. Therefore we strongly concentrate on cargo loss prevention and risk management in transports. Mapping of customers’ risk is an essential part of the risk management. If there are problem areas we can find and offer alternative solutions and consultancy. Critical points of transports, for example loading and discharging, can be reason for closer follow-up or survey. Our expertise can especially be benefited regarding special transports.
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